Canadian Dental Plan

As with a lot of Canadians, we have been patiently awaiting the implementation of the new Canadian Dental Plan! We agree that all Canadians should have the ability to access Dental Benefits to support good oral health for all! As a result, we have made the easy decision to accept this Dental Plan in our clinic starting May 2024.

We are aware that there have been a lot of questions regarding the plan and how it all works so we have provided some of the basic information for you below. Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help! It is worth noting that we only have limited information about this plan so we will always try and help as much as we can but we may direct you to the plan administrator themselves for anything additional that we can't answer.

It is a new dental plan provided by the federal government to provide dental coverage for any Canadians who do not already receive benefits from their employer or through any other private providers. 

Anyone who earns less than $90,000 a year is eligible to apply for the benefit plan. PLEASE NOTE: your actual coverage specifics is dependent on your income and is determined by the government program on a case by case basis. Applying for the benefit is mandatory prior to seeing a dentist. 

The plan covers a large variety of treatment and some do require a pre-approval first. But for the most part all basic treatment such as check ups, cleanings, fillings, x- rays and extractions are included in the plan. 

Once you have been approved for the plan, the plan administrator will determine what % your coverage will be based on your income. Your coverage will either be fully covered at 100%, or partially covered at 70% or 50%. You will only be responsible for paying the portion that your plan does not cover. 

YES! We agree with the importance of having access to dental coverage for all Canadians and therefore we have accepted this fee guide for this plan. This means for approved covered procedures that fall under the plan, there will be no difference in fees charged to the patient. For example: If you have 70% coverage you will only pay a true 30% of the total amount instead of 30% + a difference in fees.  

As with all of the other insurance companies we accept, this one is no different and we will directly bill this plan for you. There is no need to pay for the full treatment up front.

To apply for this plan click on the link below to start your application. PLEASE NOTE: although you are eligible to apply now, you cannot see a dentist before your application has been processed and before you have received a coverage card in the mail. Your coverage card will have a date on when you can start using the plan. Bring the card with you to your first appointment. The earliest anyone will be able to use their plan will be May 2024 for all basic treatment and any major treatment that requires a pre-approval such as crowns, bridges, some root canals and extractions etc will not be considered until November 2024. 


For Additional Information or to Apply: 

**Please Note: Like all plans, we will have limited access to plan details so it is up to you to keep up to date with your coverage details including what treatment is covered, what percentage and whether or not your coverage is active, etc. Any treatment received that is not covered under your plan whether you go over your limitations, agree to treatment outside of the plan's coverage, or have maximums in place we are not aware of, etc you will be financially responsible for the cost associated with such treatment. We strongly advise as always to become very familiar with your plan and keep up to date on your coverage details at all times as plans can and have changed without notice.