Summerlea Dental

17727 98A Ave NW

Edmonton, AB T5T 5W8

Phone: 780-487-5808

Text / SMS / WhatsApp: 780-666-4585

Fax: 780-487-3231


Dr. Taha Jomha’s Email:

Office Manager:

Do you need to contact Dr. Jomha directly?

No problem, he loves answering questions and helping out. You can email him at You can also text the office or call and press ‘0’, then ‘9’ to leave a message on his cell phone.

How can I find out about my insurance?

We recommend that you download our Insurance Breakdown Questionnaire. You can call your insurance company or HR department and ask these questions. They will give you (the patient) more information then they will give us. You may also read and sign our Insurance Consent form ahead of time if you wish. If you have any questions regarding insurance please contact Michelle, our office manager.