Not all families have sufficient coverage or the right coverage to meet their optimal treatment plan.

We have found a decent financial service provider that we can work with to provide you with an alternative option. Your health matters to us and we want you to have access to the dental treatments you or your children need. Review the payment program below and the FAQs to see if this will suit you.

The process is fast and straightforward. We just need a couple of minutes to do the on-line application when you are in the clinic for your approval and then we can put the financing through immediately after that. See the sample payment chart below for approximate monthly payment amounts.

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No Interest Equal Payment Program


*Processing Fee (PF) of $6.50 per month for the length of the agreement and shown as Annual Percentage Rate (APR) E.g. $3,000.00 over 12 months has a PF of $ 78 (2.6% APR) + interest charges of $0.00. Therefore total charges and principal is $3,078.00.

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Program Benefits

  • Quick & Easy Approval process
  • Affordable minimum monthly payments
  • One Stop Shopping
  • Instant approvals while at your clinic
  • You can use your approved amount for the entire family

Financing FAQs

What is involved?

A simple online application is completed during your visit to the clinic to establish your credit limit. When you are ready the financing agreement can be created by your clinic staff for you to sign.


How long does it take?

Roughly 5 minutes to complete your online application and then your response is communicated instantly! Also the customer agreement for the financing takes just a few minutes to complete.


How are payments made?

We take the payments electronically, directly from your chequing account. You will provide the clinic with a void cheque to facilitate.


Can we pay extra?

Absolutely, all our agreements are completely open. You can request extra payments or early payout at any time.


Is my credit checked?

Yes, all consumer applications for financing require a credit check.


Can I use it for my family?

Yes, simply complete the agreement and assign the services to any member of your family you wish.