The Most Expensive Tooth in the World

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The world’s most expensive tooth has been determined to be John Lennon’s molar. The auction was won in Stockport, and ended at an unbelievable $31,000 U.S. Smashing the world record for the Most Expensive Tooth in the world.

The man who bought the tooth is a dentist who lives and works in Red Deer, Alberta. We not sure why anyone would want to spend $31,000 on a tooth, but we are guessing that he is really into famous people’s teeth. Actually, that’s not a guess, we know this because he wrote an entire book on famous people’s teeth.



And we thought this article was too long.


Instead of a dead man’s tooth, he could have bought a nice car, a boat, a fifth-wheel trailer, or sponsored a child in Bolivia for 103 years. However, the dentist was immediately offered more money for the tooth, so maybe someday in the near future, he could trade it for a small island or something. Who knew that rotten teeth could be such a lucrative investment opportunity.



I think you need to diversify your investment portfolio, may I recommend putrid teeth from the recently deceased?


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