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5 Dental Facts From Way Back

If you aren’t already in some way amazed with dentistry and teeth, then you might not think of dental facts as something very interesting. However, there are some pretty fascinating dental facts out there that you might just want to share with your family the next time someone has a visit to the dentist. You never know, perhaps you could use one of these fun dental facts to ease some of the fear a child might have in the waiting room.

  • The earliest known dentist went by the name of “Hesi-Re.” He lived over 5000 years ago as an Egyptian dentist. Interestingly enough, dentistry has been practiced for over thousands of years. long before any of us were ever born, people understood the importance of dental health and hygiene way before.
  • The first toothbrushes used by humans were twigs from a tree. I mean, what would you use if you couldn’t go to the store and buy a toothbrush from the pharmacy or Walmart? Chewing on the tree twigs spread out the fibers of the twig, which then could be used to rub against the teeth to clean them. Even before there were formal dentists to tell people they needed to brush and floss, mankind has understood the need to clean their teeth long, long ago. Funny enough,  many people today still do this in different parts of the world due to its effectiveness and how good it works.
  • In Ancient Greece, it was customary to use a paste of talc, alabaster, pumice, coral powder, and even rust as toothpaste. At this point, we’re sure you’re happy to use whatever kind of store-bought toothpaste your mom or dad currently buy. It is surely less abrasive and has a more pleasant taste than ancient toothpaste.
  • About a third of North Americans have claimed that bad breath is the least attractive trait of their coworkers. That being said, I’m sure you didn’t have to read that here to know that. Good dental health isn’t just important for your body and teeth; it’s good for your social skills! Nobody likes stinky breath.
  • Nine different prehistoric people who lived over 7,500 years ago have been found to have teeth with holes drilled into them with sharpened flint points. This finding points to the fact that possible prehistoric dentists were using sharpened flint to operate on unhealthy teeth long before was ever believed previously.

There are many more fun dental facts out there. Getting your teeth cleaned or a cavity dealt with doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Dentists are your friends, and they have your best interests at heart. Hopefully, some of these fun dental facts relieve a little waiting room anxiety for you or someone else.

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