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When a Child Should See a Dentist

Your child’s dental schedule.

0-2 Years old: Mom/Dad should be brushing childs teeth twice a day and visually checking for any black spots or swelling of gums. If there are any concerns they should book an appointment.

2 Years Old: “FUN VISIT”. Child should be booked for a first visit. They will ride in the chair, see some dental instruments, and have their teeth counted and checked. No cleaning, no xrays, no needles! We want this to be a good first experience for the child, this ensures they will come back 🙂

3+ Years: First dental check-up and cleaning. At this appointment your child will have their teeth checked and cleaned. Depending on your child, they may also have xrays taken at this appointment and possibly scaling if your child has any calculus/tartar.

After this, we recommend that your child be seen every 6 months until all of their adult teeth come in. This is important so that we can detect any problems early on and treat them before more extensive problems form. After that, your dentist will decide if your child needs to be seen every 6 or 12 months.

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