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Dinosaur Edition – Tall Tooth Tales or Real Teeth Facts?

They may have roamed the earth 65 million years ago but these larger than life creatures continue to remind us of their extra large existence! With fossil remains still being found and uncovered around the world DINOSAURS continue to amaze us with new findings and details about their time on Earth. With a wide range in size, appearance, ability and jaw size it is no wonder Dinosaurs are so captivating – they were the largest creatures to ever roam on land and live under water!

From small bird like animals to ginormous land roaming reptiles – Dinosaurs dominated Earth for over 160 million years. While we still don’t know all there is to know about these fascinating creatures, fossil findings reveal a lot about various species, habits, diets and size. One of the most obvious fascinations about Dinosaurs – what they ate, how they defended themselves and how many burgers could fit in their mouths at one time! Dinosaur teeth tell us a lot about these extinct creatures – but can you figure out what is a tall tooth tale or a real teeth fact? Let’s see how well you know your Dinosaur teeth stats!


1. To date, the longest tooth recorded at a whopping 12 inches long, 6 inches exposed and 6 inches of the root (think – the size of a long Banana) belonged to the Triceratops, also known for its 3 horns and striking large frill around its head.


Answer: Tall Tooth Tale – The Triceratops did NOT have the longest recorded tooth – the Dinosaur with the 12 inch chompers belonged to the T-Rex


2. The Tyrannosaurus Rex’s teeth were unique in that they were serrated – which is similar to a saw with many jagged edges. They all had unique functions depending on location. The front teeth were used for gripping or pulling while the T-Rex’s side teeth tore flesh and the back teeth were used for chomping down large meat and breaking down the food before being pushing into the large Dino’s throat.


Answer: Real Teeth Facts


3. The Dinosaur known to have the most teeth wasn’t even a meat eater! Can you believe that? The Hadrosaurs aka duck-billed dinosaur has the most teeth counting upwards of 1,000+! These unique members of the Hadrosauridae family were herbivores and used all those teeth to break down tough vegetation. They also ate like no other creature does today – their upper jaw moved outwards and sideways while the lower jaw slid against the upper teeth.


Answer: Real Teeth Facts! We couldn’t make this up even if we tried!

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