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The Most Expensive Dental Visit In the World

Just like going to see any health professional, the typical visit to the dentist will cost you more than a handful of change, especially if you don’t have insurance. However, there are some people that aren’t looking for a typical dentist visit. No, some people don’t want a dental visit, they want a dental experience. Further, they don’t just want a dental experience, they want a luxurious dental experience.

In comes the cleverly named Luxury Dental, right in the heart of downtown London. If you happen to be a silly rich celebrity or something, you can go ahead and book The Diamond Package.

diamond teeth

No, they don’t actually replace your teeth with diamonds.

The Diamond Package includes a first class flight to Budapest or London, a 6 night stay in a all-inclusive hotel, a evening at the Opera, and a limo ride to and from the airport, and a VIP waiting room consisting of whatever VIP waiting rooms have, oh and a root canal or whatever. This package comes to you at the reasonable price of $27,000.

The only unsavoury element about this whole experience is that you will have to look at their rotten-banana coloured website.

If you are look to get a luxury dental visit on a budget, you can order the Ruby Package for the reasonable price of about $13,000.

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