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What is the hardest thing that can be crushed by my teeth?

As many of you no doubt have wondered, I was curious how many things on earth I could actually crunch with my teeth. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, leading one to question why humans do not have an armor-like hide composed of this amazing organic substance. At 5 mohs (the unit of measurement for hardness) Apatite (the major component of tooth enamel) would unfortunately be unable to crunch glass, titanium or uranium. Hardened steel and emerald are also out, so no eating certain jewelry. Amazingly, platinum, iron, copper, tin and lead all rank below Apatite in hardness. I would rank these materials as among the hardest things teeth could scratch or otherwise damage. That means that potentially, if you could digest these substances,  and you wanted to eat them, your teeth could do the rest.


Smile in a Day: Dr. Jomha’s Advanced Training in Full Arch Dental Implant Placement and Restoration

Dr. Jomha recently had the opportunity to travel to Carlsbad, California to train at the ZimVie Institute. As a practitioner who places implants, he was eager to learn advanced techniques in order to provide the best possible care for his patients. During the course, Dr. Jomha and his colleagues learned how to place and restore…

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Clear Correct Day
Friday September 17, 2021

BOOK YOUR SPOT.  LIMITED AVAILABILITY Your journey to a straighter smile starts now. Join us at Summerlea Dental on Friday, September 17, 2021, for ClearCorrect Day. Our team will be offering complimentary ClearCorrect consultations, scans, snacks, and refreshments all day long. Book Your Complimentary Consult – Save your spot: Learn More about how ClearCorrect…

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