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Largest Dinosaur Edition – Tall Tooth Tales or Real Teeth Facts?

From small bird like animals to horned, long neck land roaming reptiles – Dinosaurs continue to excite and amaze 65 million years since their existence. While geologist continue to uncover fossils and clues to these unique and complex creatures we do know many things about the various species and dinosaur families.

With a wide range in size, appearance, ability and jaw size it is no wonder Dinosaurs are so captivating – they were the largest creatures to ever roam on land and live under water! With such large large bodies, comes BIG appetites – and BIG teeth to chomp on their food.

We’ll look at the largest Dinosaurs discovered on planet Earth and see how much you know about these larger than life beings and their sharp chompers. Let’s test your human brains against these Dinosaur stats and see if you can figure out which are tall tooth tales or real teeth facts?


  1. It was survival of the fittest with the Tyrannosaurus Rex – but was there a meat eating Dinosaur larger than arguably the most famous Dino? The Giganotosaurus (pronounced GEE-gah-NO-toe-SORE-us) roamed the Earth prior to the T-Rex but had many of the same qualities including saw like serrated teeth allowing it to easy slice and dice into flesh and ultimately make supper out of its prey. Though larger – the Giganotosaurus was not thought to be stronger than the T-Rex with a weaker bite force that might have made hunting and taking down its prey easier in packs.


Answer: Real Teeth Facts! We bet in a head to head – or teeth to teeth smack down between the T-Rex and Giganotosaurus our main dino the Tyrannosaurus Rex would have won!


  1. The largest documented Dinosaur was 108 feet wide and 70 tons and called the Argentinosaurus – can you guess where it was first uncovered? With a big body brings big teeth to eat all the food required to sustain a dinosaur that large. The Argentinian dino had the largest teeth – coming in at a whopping 4 feet long! That’s the size of small human!


Answer: Tall Tooth Tale! The Argentinosaurus was actually a herbivore and ate palm leaves, not meat and flesh. Their teeth were actually quite small compared to the rest of its body.


  1. This Pliosaurus is a very large marine dinosaur that lived in the water. It could be compared to the Sperm Whale in its length and Humpback whale in its weight but looked more like a cross between a crocodile and a sea turtle. The Pliosaurus has a 10 foot jaw, 12 inch long razor sharp teeth and its bite exerted 10x more pressure than that of the T-Rex! Luckily these water creatures are NOT at a beach near you!


Answer: If you guessed Real Teeth Facts you are correct!


  1. This Dinosaur roamed the African plains in its day – was a whopping 44 feet long, 13 feet high and weighed as much as 8 tons. It was a fierce predator during it’s time on Earth some 100 million years ago…having the ability to swallow a human in just one bite (thankfully Jurassic Park is just a movie). This dinosaur is known for its razor sharp, shark like teeth which is why its name translated means ‘shark toothed lizard’. This dinosaur is:
  • Diplodocus
  • Spinosaurus
  • Plesiosaurus
  • Carcharodontosaurus
  • Tyrannosaurs Rex


Answer: Real Teeth Facts if you chose the Carchardodontosaurus


  1. The tallest dinosaur documented today is called Sauroposeiden and was first found over 20 years ago south of the border in the US states of Oklahoma and Texas. It’s name means ‘earthquake god lizard’ because as you can imagine, with this dinosaur around the ground probably shook like an earthquake as it moved. It is estimated to have between 110 – 111 feet long and weighing as much as 10+ elephants! Can you imagine?! The Sauroposeiden had a unique characteristic – these dinosaurs did not have teeth. Because this super tall dino fed off leaves from tall trees and soft vegetation it used its tough gums to break down its food before ingesting it. I guess we should call it the toothless giant!


Answer: Tall Tooth Tales! The Sauroposeiden did infact have teeth HOWEVER its teeth were shaped like spatulas which made it ultra difficult to chew most of its food. It would combat this issue by storing rocks in its neck and using those to help crush the food as it was moving down into the stomach. Quite resourceful if we do say so ourselves! What do you think?

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