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Live singing at Summerlea Dental

I was doing a root canal on a patient and all of a sudden I could hear live music! My receptionist filmed it on her iPhone since I was busy. These guys sound great and the patients in the waiting room loved it! They are raising money for a charity that helps feed, clothe, shelter and send to school 3 million children in the Philippines.

Please check out their website at

Please share this with people and hopefully they can raise more money.
Thanks guys.


So You Need a Crown

So, Your Dentist Says You Need a Crown   First off — DON’T PANIC! Your dentist isn’t trying to ply more money out of your pocket, he/she is legitimately trying to protect your teeth to ensure you have long lasting, structurally sound chompers.   But what ARE crowns, and why do you need one?  …

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Teeth in Bizarre Places

Teeth in Bizarre Places The human body is a miraculous collection of tissue, molecules and cells – we develop and grow with very little outside influence. Our DNA and tissue seemingly know what do in order to create the human form…BUT what happens when something goes a bit awry? What happens when instead of comparing…

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