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Which Mouthwash is Best for Me?

Have you ever found yourself lost in the mouthwash aisle at your local drugstore wondering what kind of mouthwash you should get? Hopefully this article will help you in choosing the best mouthwash for your mouth.

Let’s start with the first hurdle, should you pick an alcohol or a non alcohol mouthwash?
The alcohol in mouthwash is the antiseptic used to kill the bacteria that resides on your teeth, tongue, and cheeks. It is also what causes that burning sensation in the mouth while it is being swished around. Over the past couple years, there has been research conducted to determine if the use of alcohol containing mouthwash increases the chances of oral and pharyngeal cancers. At this time, there is no concrete evidence to confirm or disprove that using alcohol containing mouthwash can increase your chances of cancer.
On the other hand, the non-alcohol mouthwash will contain another antiseptic agent such as cetylpyridinuim chloride, CPC for short. This chemical compound has the same bacterial killing power as alcohol but without the other harmful effects. However, the mouthwash containing CPC does have a downfall; this CPC compound can cause the teeth to stain a brown or yellowish color. So if you have esthetic dental work such as veneers or porcelain crowns I would steer away from these products.

What if a dentist tells you that you are prone to getting cavities?

Well there is a mouthwash out there for you too; several mouthwashes contain fluoride to help in preventing cavities from being formed. The fluoride works by remineralizing the surface of the tooth, were small cavities have started. This mouthwash should only be used once a day and only if you are over the age of six years old. Just like when you get a fluoride treatment at the dentist, try not to eat or drink for a half an hour in order to get the maximum benefits from the fluoride rinse.

What if you have bad breath?

Bad breath is caused by the bacteria that sit on the teeth, tongues and cheeks. The amount of this bacteria is present in the mouth varies per person and can cause varying degrees of bad breath. If you have a minor case of bad breath the non alcoholic mouthwash should help kill the bad breath bacteria and make your breath smell better. However, if you are not getting relief from a regular mouth wash there is a product available at your local drug store called Thera-Breath, which is designed to help treat severe cases of bad breath.

What is the best natural mouthwash?

All of the mouthwashes mentioned so far contain chemical compounds; the best natural mouthwash is saline. Saline is made by mixing warm water and salt. This mixture is excellent at relieving irritation of the gums and reducing signs of gingivitis.

It is important to note that mouthwash should be used along with regular brushing and flossing in order to reduce signs of gingivitis and improve overall oral health.

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