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Oral Hygiene Tips on the Go (Travel)

airplane-travel-hiOral hygiene maintenance is an essential part of your overall well-being. Oral cavity is the gateway to everything you eat, drink or take in your everyday life. During travelling, proper oral hygiene care becomes much more important. Chances of dental plaque retention and halitosis increase during a journey. We advise you to make certain things a part of your travelling to avoid or prevent these problems.



  • Take a toothbrush with soft and round bristles with you on your excursion. A toothbrush with an incorporated tongue cleaner should be preferred,
  • Brush after every meal during your journey,
  • If you forget to take your toothbrush, always use your tongue to clean your teeth. It is a God gifted cleanser in your mouth,
  • keep your toothbrush in a bag through which air can easily pass and keep it dry, otherwise bacteria can grow in the moist bristles,
  • Avoid taking too much sticky foods,
  • Maintain minimum number of inter meal snacks,
  • Take a bottle of water with you to avoid drying your mucosa on a long journey,
  • Take a dental floss with you for cleaning between teeth,
  • Take a mouthwash with you on your trip. Mouthwash rinses will  clean your tongue, area near your throat, your palate and your gums, which are often neglected during brushing,
  • Try to avoid alcoholic drinks, bitter leaves and tobacco containing products during journey,
  • Avoid using tap water during journey. Use mineral water for your safety,
  • Eat sugar free gum for salivary stimulation.
  • Have a safe journey with a good and meticulous oral hygiene.

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