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Replace Composite Buildup with Porcelain Crowns

I am so happy for this patient of mine.  She HATED her front teeth.  They had old composite bonding that was discoloured and staining.  She wanted to replace them with new composite buildups but they would end up stained again and the teeth would not shine like natural teeth.  I recommended Porcelain crowns for her…and 2 appointments later…voila!


Here are the before and afters.  She loves her new smile!




So You Need a Crown

So, Your Dentist Says You Need a Crown   First off — DON’T PANIC! Your dentist isn’t trying to ply more money out of your pocket, he/she is legitimately trying to protect your teeth to ensure you have long lasting, structurally sound chompers.   But what ARE crowns, and why do you need one?  …

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Teeth in Bizarre Places

Teeth in Bizarre Places The human body is a miraculous collection of tissue, molecules and cells – we develop and grow with very little outside influence. Our DNA and tissue seemingly know what do in order to create the human form…BUT what happens when something goes a bit awry? What happens when instead of comparing…

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