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Socket preservation after extraction to make implant placement easier in future

With the advancement in dentistry, implants have replaced almost all restorations as the ultimate restoration of missing teeth. Implants are dependent on the process of Osseo integration which involves a structural and functional connection between the healthy alveolar bone and bio-compatible titanium based or zirconia implant. Dental implants placement requires sufficient amount of bone to be present around the area of missing teeth for the success of restoration in the future. After the removal of a tooth, the alveolar ridge commonly decreases in volume and height with the passage of time. Morphologic changes also occur in the alveolar bone. Bone resorption starts soon after tooth extraction which is seen to occur significantly more in the buccal aspect of the tooth socket. If the alveolar ridge resorption is too much, it can pose serious challenges for Osseo integration mechanism and thus, the dental implant placement.
It is said that prevention is always better than cure. Certain important precautions taken before during and after tooth extraction for dental implants placement in future can add to the success of restoration afterwards.

Before removal of the tooth, condition of bone should be assessed clinically and radio-graphically.

  • Minimal amount of buccal and lingual bone expansion during tooth extraction,
  • Minimal or no trauma to the alveolar bone should occur,
  • Minimal buccal and lingual bone compression after tooth removal,
  • Immediate implant loading can be done soon after tooth extraction in the absence of infection for good results,
  • In case of bone loss, artificial bone can be placed in the area around socket before placement of dental implants,
  • Guided bone generation can be carried out in the area around through different types of bone grafts such as auto grafts, allografts, xenografts or alloplasts,
  • Resorb able and non-resorb able membranes are also used in guided bone regeneration for socket preservation such as expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), glycogen, polyglycolic acid and polyglactin 910.

Dr Taha will assess all these factors and will take all the necessary measures for socket preservation before dental implants in your mouth. Our dental professional team is fully dedicated towards making your dental implants treatment as a role model of success

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