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Defining Wisdom Tooth Emergencies

Wisdom tooth is known as one of the most notorious teeth regarding occurrence of dental problems these days. Wisdom teeth are the upper and lower third molars located in the very back of the oral cavity. They are named so due to the age of their eruption in the mouth. The normal age range of wisdom teeth appearance in the mouth is between 17 and 21 years. The most common problem regarding wisdom teeth is an obstruction to their normal eruption in the mouth. One of the main reasons for wisdom tooth impaction is the restricted growth of jaws due to the soft type of food children use these days.

The problems and symptoms which occur with wisdom molars are:

Gum tissue may grow up over the partly impacted tooth hindering normal eruption and food debris lodgment in the area causing pain and swelling leading to limited mouth opening. Such situation is termed as pericoronitis,

  • Wisdom teeth may come crooked or tilted in the wrong direction damaging the adjacent tooth
  • Pain or stiffness may occur in an area around the impacted tooth
  • Cheek bite may occur due to buccal tilting specially of upper molars
  • Crowding and malocclusion of other teeth
  • Decay in the adjacent second molar tooth

When such conditions arise they need to be treated.  Dr Taha Jomha will clinically examine you radio graphically.  He will determine the seriousness of impacted wisdom tooth.  The severity of the condition will determine if the tooth must be extracted or not.  The most common treatment method for wisdom tooth pathology is its surgical removal from the mouth.

Extracting a wisdom tooth before the age of 20 years is considered safe for the precautions of future problems as the healing is quicker in this period and roots are still under development.

No replacement prosthesis is recommended in place of extracted wisdom tooth.

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